JT PHARMA is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of nutraceuticals products, supplements and nutritional supplements for veterinary use. Our products are only found in veterinary clinics because we know that the veterinarians are who have to recommend and dispense these products. The use of nutraceuticals in veterinary medicine is gaining great importance today. Therefore, our customers are knowledgeable and are very aware of the usefulness and necessity of nutraceuticals in the treatment protocols for different pathologies and at the same time, demand high quality products. We want to be the reference company at national and international level, in terms of veterinary nutraceuticals and to achieve this, we base our business policy on three pillars:


Our commitment to innovation is decided. Investment in R & D, for JT PHARMA, has been and is a priority to put on the market products that integrate our vademecum. So we can provide solutions in the treatment of various diseases. In recent years we have developed products for the hygienic, care and wellness of pets, based on our work with essential oils, plant extracts and minerals, which are an alternative to treatment with antibiotics. It is a new reality in the prevention and treatment of skin related diseases and other types of muscle and bone. We want to be always at the forefront in terms of developing new products and also in terms of marketing and commercializing.


It is our company policy to encourage responsibility and teamwork, as well as providing employees with continuous training to develop their full potential and meet the expectations of our customers with regard to quality, safety, supply and development of new products.

Closeness to the veterinarian

Technical and diagnostic departments are in permanent contact with veterinary opinion leader to support their management with technical measures. We also want to be close to the veterinary professional, working with him in training and commercial support for better marketing potential. JT PHARMA at the service of clinical veterinary service, its development potential and desire to improve day by day, the health of animals.