Each tablet contains:
Milk Thistle (Silybin e Isosylibin 50%,
Silychristin 25%, Silydianin 25% ) 200 mg
Boldo 50 mg
Dandelion 100 mg
Artichoke (Cynara c.scolymus) 100 mg
Ortosifon 50 mg
L- Methionine 125 mg
Choline 100 mg
Inositol 100 mg
Spirulin (Phenylalanine /C-Phycocyanin) 250 mg
Each ml contains:
Milk Thistle (Silybin e Isosylibin 50%,
Silychristin 25%, Silydianin 25% ) 100 mg
Boldo 25 mg
Dandelion 50 mg
Artichoke (Cynara c.scolymus) 50 mg
Ortosifon 25 mg
L- Methionine 50 mg
Choline 50 mg
Inositol 50 mg
Spirulin (Phenylalanine /C-Phycocyanin) 125 mg

Natural plant extracts and seaweeds, with L-methionine, choline and inositol for a best absortion.
It mechanism of action stimulates bile secretion, antioxidant and anti-free radical and detoxification of the liver, intestinal and kidney extracellular matrix.

Essential amino acid involved in the synthesis of cysteine, carnitine, taurine, lecithin and phospholipids.
Thanks to sulfur detoxifies heavy metals, it has antioxidant effect by inactivating free radicals.
Both inositol and choline have lipotropic effect helping no fat to accumulate in the liver.
Regulates the supply of glutathione, it makes low production of histamines and it favors the synthesis of collagen and ribonucleic acid.
Cynara cardunculus (Milk Thistle) and Cynara cardunculus scolymus (artichoke), It has cynarine which have lipotropic, choleretic and diuretic effects.
Extract seeds of Cynara cardunculus contains 80% of silymarin. Half of silybin and isosilybin, 25 % of silychristin and 25 % silydianin.
Contains more than 20 alcaloids mainly boldine which has choleretic and cholagogic effects. Also has catechins with hepato-protective, hepato-tonic,
stomach protection and halitosis prevention and diuretic properties.
Very rich in flavonoids with choleretic action, antioxidant, diuretic and drainage properties. Also antiinflammatory and bile-renal calculus elimination.
Hepato-renal depurative as choleretic, bile-renal calculus elimination and it is depurative and detoxifying action through diuresis.
Green – blue seaweed, contains c-phycocyanins, inhibiting Inos, cox 2, nitrates, PGE prostaglandins and -TNF tumor factor.

Dogs: 1 tablet every 10 Kg weight twice a day, depending veterinary indications.
Cats : under 5 Kg weight ½ tablet every 12 hours.
Dogs & Cats: 1ml every 5 kg weight
1 ml = 16 drops
The animals must have permanent access to water

Blister pack 60 and 300 tablets
Box 60 ml container with dosing syringe.


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